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Discussed personally
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Jiangsu Province - Zhenjiang City - Yangzhong City- -
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Personnel Department
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Full time
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No limit
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Junior high school
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2018/12/26 14:44
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Job Requirements: Bachelor degree or above; majors in any discipline


Job Responsibilities: New supplier development, material procurement; supplier management, relationship maintenance, auditing; coordination of and dealing with various abnormal issues in supplier supply process, etc.


The company currently intends to recruit a large number of electronic assembly workers, workshop managers, electrical engineers, mechanical designers, product designers etc. Salaries are excellent, and other benefits include payment of five-insurance (endowment insurance, maternity insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance, unemployment insurance) fees; apartment-style dormitory; free employee meals; excellent employee awards, year-end bonus, professional course training; systematic internal promotion mechanisms; various company-wide and team building activities, etc. All talents who are interested in joining Tonglin Electric are welcomed to contact Mr. Yuan, the head of the company’s HR Department, at any time.


Head of Human Resources Department: Mr. Yuan Fang

Resume Delivery Email: yuanfang@yztongling.cn yh@yztongling.cn

Mobile Phone: 139-2156-8805

Released in October 2018