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Employee Development Philosophy

Stimulate maximum potential of employees, maximize their value of life, and make the ordinary extraordinary.

Human-oriented Management

Respect people, love people, trust people, and help people develop, self-fulfill and gain sense of happiness

Talent Standard

Talent = Personality + Competence + Performance + Cultural Awareness

Talent Cultivation Model

Talent Cultivation Model: choose potential talents; pair with experienced employees; lay work burdens; offer promotion opportunities; and achieve positive results

Jiangsu Tonglin Electric Co. Ltd is looking forward to your joining.

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Written Test

Strictly follow the AESC international standards to select talents.

Job Interview

A professional interviewer is responsible for the interview.​

Grant Offer

Degree of Satisfaction: 99.4% and over.


Learn more about the interviewee.

Cultivation and Development

New Employee Cultivation         

 Identify a senior instructor for each new employee (the former will develop a mentoring program that helps the new employee integrate into the new environment); and provide new employee training.

On-job Employee Cultivation      

Provide training opportunities for on-job employees on relevant products, technologies, business operation, emerging technologies, comprehensive quality, management skills, etc. in accordance with training needs of departments and individuals, thus enhancing the competitiveness of employees.               

Rank and Promotion Management    

Seeyon has a clear rank management system and provides promotion opportunities for each outstanding employee. It realizes the “dual channel” management of employee management path and professional path.